Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hard disk error?

PC or laptop showing hard disk error.
First of all is it internal hard disk error or you have connected one external hard disk other then internal hard disk and hard disk error is showing for that external hard disk.

Anyways .......
If hard disk error is showing up ,then reason for this is faulty hard disk or hard disk not connected properly.
Turn off system completely,unplug it from power outlet,then disconnect hard disk plug and wait for 10 minutes then clean hard disk connector and reconnect all properly.Then turn on system and see,is it still giving hard disk error or its working properly.
IF NOT,then
you will have to connect your hard disk on another pc system and see,if you get same error or not.

If you dont have another system,then you will have to connect another hard disk to your system and see.
If another hard disk working properly with your system,then its problem of your pc hard disk.

In some cases getting hard disk formatted helps,but in some cases hard disk has to be replaced and it cannot be repaired.
At local pc repair shops,they have extra additional pc to check your hard disk.
If you yourself dont have any additional pc or hard disk to check with your system.Then nearest pc repair shop is your next option.

If in future also you need more help on this problem or any other problem
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