Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sylvania LC320SLX 32 in. LCD TV will not power ON?

There are many possibilities for this problem.
It can be blown fuse on main control board or its faulty control board itself.

Basically,when any part of tv gets faulty,then front led light on the the tv blinks and this points towards,which part is faulty or gives the particular area of the tv,which has to be checked.

But if the tv is not powering on at all.
Then first confirm that power cord is connected properly and power button is properly turned ON.Also try is different power outlet and confirm.
If all checked out ok,then its internal fuse or main control board issue.

If you familiar with taking apart the tv,then you can definitely continue,otherwise its advisable to get it repaired from local tv repair tech,who is familiar with this job.

This will help.