Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Diagnostic error code P0121,P0505,P1000,P2101,P2104, P2110,P2135,P2106 on Ford F150?

The error codes are too much,but basically the indication is same problem.

Read the details as follows :----
The code P0121 is usually set due to a throttle position sensor fault.
The P0505 is an idle air control code.
The P2101, P2104, and P2110 and P2135 are all throttle control code and these are most like the cause of the problem you are having and in most cases this means the throttle body assembly has failed. Its better to replace throttle assembly with a new TP sensor.

Its pretty common failure but safe bet replacing it will resolve the problem. They electronically just fail, You may also want to have a look at it and see if its sludged up and if so remove it and try cleaning it and in some cases if your lucky it may work.Also consider doing an upper intake induction service with some Sea Foam. This will clean the intake runners.

This details will help.

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