Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where is Horn pad switch located for Ford F 250 Super Duty?

Many car users notice horn honking at night without any reason.Or horn gets activated suddenly when car is OFF.
On ford f 250 super duty if you notice such types of problems then its either faulty steering wheel clock spring unit or problem with horn pad switch.If you have already checked and inspected clock spring then other possibility is to check the horn pad switch.

The horn pad switch is in the air bag under the trim cover of the bag and over time it can gets worped and set the horn off on its own ,,,ford does not make the switch separate , you have to buy a whole air bag.
In your case you need to get get a new air bag that comes for approx $255 or remove the air bag and unplug the horn switch on it.
For ford mustang model a separate horn pad switch is available for $10.But that will not fix on Ford F 250 super duty model.

This details will help.

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