Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ignition locked up on Mercury Villager?

Many car users notice this types of problem.
After the car is parked,the Ignition will not get unlocked.Very frustrating issue.Because all was going well and sudden;ly without any reason,the ignition gets locked.

Basically in such cases,the
Key will not the ignition to start position.

So first try to slightly wiggle the vehicle front and back.Also try to turn the steering wheel left to right and right to left.In some cases this helps,but if its not helping this time,then
See if the vehicle is parked on a slope road,then its quite possible that gears are getting locked due to that pressure and this is causing the problem.
The car should always be parked on flat surface,instead of incline or decline road surface.

If in your case you are parked on a incline it may very well be just binding from the downward slope. I would try blocking the rear wheels and try jacking the front end up enough to get the tires off the ground and if its bound up it will likely release.
In some cases this helps.But if in your case,its not helping then you very likey have a bad ignition switch and replacement would be required.

See the details to perform this task is as follows :-----

Enclosed are the replacement instructions. The steering wheel will need to come of as well.graphic

This will help.

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