Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No parking lights and headlights not turning OFF?

Very rare problem.In this case,my customer has noticed this problem on his 2002 Ford Expedition.

In this problem,the headlights were not turning OFF and parking lights were not coming ON.
He already inspected the headlight bulbs and parking light bulbs.Both checked out perfectly ok.

On that basis,the first thing to be checked is fuse and other is headlight switch.

No parking lamps for that problem inspect fuse number 6 in the engine compartment fuse box that is for the parking lamps, it should be a blue 15 amp fuse , see if the fuse is burnt out .. if not then this fuse should have power all the time to it.In any case, key on or key off.. see if it does,,

If the fuse is ok,then power from that fuse goes to the headlamp switch on the tan/white wire, access the headlamp switch and see if there is power on this wire.If there is then with the headlamp switch on , power comes out of the headlamps switch on the brown wire.See if it does, if it does not then the headlamps switch is bad.It has to be replaced and that is causing the problem.
This basic testing troubleshooting will help you to confirm the problem.

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