Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Headlights will not turn OFF on Ford expedition and car trailer?

Very rare ,more troubleshooting problem.Hardly noticed on any cases,but yes its seen on some ford Expedition car models.

Try this unplug the headlight switch and see ,if the headlights are still remaining ON or getting off.If it gets OFF then its faulty headlight switch.Replace it.But if headlamps still remaining ON with headlight switch unplugged then,this means the headlamp switch is ok, but there are two other things that can cause the headlamps to stay on , well three ,, a relay , a anti theft module , and the auto headlamp sensor,so with the headlamps stuck on , look under the drivers side of the dash , up high above the e-brake and towards the rear and you will find the anti theft moduale , it has two connectors to it , unplug them and see if the headlamps go off , see pic below for better understanding :-----


If the headlamp still stay on , then look on top of the passengers side of the dash , there is a big football looking panel on top of the dash , that has a little vent in it , this vents is the auto headlamp moduale, use a flat screw driver and pop this panel off and unplug the sensor , and see if the headlamps go off..

If not then under that same football panel is a relay box, one of them is for the headlamps , remove the relays and see if the headlamps go off , and if they do then switch the relay that made the headlamp go off , with another relay and see if they stay off , the relay may be bad.

This details will help.


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