Tuesday, January 24, 2012

After Alternator failure the Keyless keypad on drivers door stopped working?

Very rare problem.This problem is very hardly noticed on some car brands.In this particular case,mu customer noticed this problem on his 2002 Ford Excursion.

Suddenly on a day the alternator failed and alternator was replaced.But due to alternator failure the Key less Key pad on drivers side stopped working.
The keyfobs also stopped working.Also it is not possible to get the key fob reprogramming done.

On that basic the troubleshooting for this problem is as follows :-----

First try reset:---
Try to do a reboot on the system , disconect the battery for five min, just take the negative battery cable off, then after you that use the power door lock switch on the drivers door and cycle the locks back and forth ,, then try to program the remotes and see if it works now.

The procedure is as follows :----

1)First get into the truck.
2)Then turn the key from off to on FAST eight times ending in the ON position ,
3)Then the door locks should do up and down on there own.
4)This tells you its ready to except your remotes.
5)Now push ANY button on one remote.The locks should jump up and down again telling you it accepted the remote.
6) Then if you have another remote push ANY button on it ,, and the same thing will happen
when done turn the key off ,, and then try the remotes.

In some cases it helps and in some cases it dont.If it helps,your problem is solved.But if its not helping ,then continue reading further for more troubleshooting.
The details are as follows :----

If the alternator was over charging , then one more possibility is that, it could damage modules , and there circuit ,, but check the two fuses for the system , fuses 19 and 50 in the interior fuse panel and if they are ok , then the module must have an internal problem .The module is located in the center of the dash , behind the dash , from the drivers side under the dash , shine a flash light toward the center back of the dash and there is the module with multicolor connectors to it , you cannot replace this on your own due to it has to be programed after its installed with a ford computer system.

The fuse 50 is second one down from the top on the left , its a big 30 amp fuse.
The door locks, remotes, keyless pad, dome lamp , alarm , are in this system , and some could work and some things could not work if module goes bad.

Starting at the top left corner of the fuse box is fuse number 49 , and just below it is fuse 50 ,, its a 30 amp fuse and reads for VSM and power door locks.
On some 2002 Ford Excursion
There is no fuse 49 or 50. The top left corner of my panel starts with 101 to 106 going done the left hand side. Along the bottom of the fuse panel reading left to right it starts with 106 and goes to 48.
So in that cases check fuses 19 and 102 , in the same fuse box described under the drivers dash.

This details will help you.Thanks.

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