Friday, January 27, 2012

How to remove cd player from dash on 2003 Lincoln Aviator

Its not very hard.Bu patience is required.
Go through the procedure mentioned below:-----

Here is a picture on how to disassemble the surrounding trim panels and remove the radio.


ItemPart NumberDescription
1044A92Upper finish panel
2W705314Articulating door module screws
3046B74Articulating door module
404302Clock and vent panel assembly
514401Electrical connector
605314-SAudio unit screws
718C985Audio unit
814401Audio unit electrical connectors and antenna lead
Remove the panels in the order listed above starting with #1. As far as radios go, factory radios dont have many issues and they look the best in the vehicle. Dealers can give you a replacement radio for a price around $150 (usually) Then it just plugs in and your done. You could get and aftermarket radio but then you need to buy the wiring harness for you vehicle and installation kit. In the long run this usually costs more but I do recommend looking at the aftermarket ones. Now you can them with an audio jack built into the face plate so if you have an ipod player you can just plug it in.

This details will help.

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