Thursday, January 26, 2012

Parking lights,tail lights and dash lights not working?

This types of problems are basically noticed on many vehicles.
In this particular case,my customer has noticed the problem on 2006 Ford F 350.

In this case,
the tail lights,parking lights,dash lights stopped working.

On this basis,the first thing to be checked is fuse.

First start at the fuse that powers up the parking lamps , fuse 17 in the interior fuse panel , if you have a test lamp or volt meter see if there is power on this fuse.Also remove it and see if its burnt out , it should be a blue 15 amp fuse.If the fuse has power and is not burnt out , then power from that fuse goes to the headlamp switch on the tan/white wire.
Access the headlamp switch and see if you have power on this wire, if you do, then power comes out of the headlamp switch when its on , on the brown wire for the tail lamps, see if you have power there with the headlamp switch on.
Checking this possibilities properly will help you to confirm the problem.

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