Thursday, January 26, 2012

Door locks not working on Ford Explorer?

For door locks not working,it can be issue with door lock actuator .Either the actuator is jammed or got faulty.It has to be inspected and checked.
Go through the details below :-----

Sounds like the door lock actuator has frozen up or jammed.You will have to remove the door panel to access it.Here is a pic of it shown below for more understanding :---------


It is no.4 in the pic,sometimes the rubber boot on top just gets tangled up in the linkage and sticks or jams it up. You can try just removing the rubber boot.just pull it off,it is probly dry rotting by now and will just fall apart when you pull it. It is to keep moisture/water out of the actuator.It will eventually go out on you but you may get another year or so out of it if this is the problem.

If the rubber boot is not causing it then check and make sure you have power to it,if so then you will need another actuator.To remove you drill the pop rivet out then remove it.

Here are the instructions for removing the door panel.
Its a step by step procedure with appropriate diagrams :---

Remove the screws.
See the picture shown below :-----

Remove the inside door handle cup.
See the picture below :-----


  • Start in a lower corner and work around the panel, carefully prying the front door trim panel (23942) away from the front door to disengage the front door trim panel pushpins.

  • See the picture below :-------

  • graphic

    Lift the front door trim panel to disengage the top lip from the weatherstrip.

    See the picture below :----


    This details should help you.
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