Thursday, January 26, 2012

LL error on Vinotemp wine cooler?

LL is an error code which means that it is too cold. As you mentioned its freezing. Problem is likely the thermostat or the control board.

But on
Vinotemp VT60 and other Vinotemp model wine coolers and chillers this error code is very frustrating.
Many other Vinotemp wine cooler buyers have to get their wine cooler replaced with other brands or other Vinotemo in case of under warranty.

SEE what other Vinotemp wine cooler users say about this LL error code on display:----

A note of caution on the Vinotemp. I have a VT-60 undercounter, and after six months I came home to see "LL" in the display instead of the temperature.

When I opened the door, I found that my wine was almost freezing. (The temprature was later shown as 26 F.) I dread to think what this thermal shock has done to all my wine; I spent all this money on a Vinotemp precisely to avoid this type of problem.

I looked in the instruction manual to see what "LL" meant, why it could have occurred, and what I was meant to do about it. Infuriatingly, there was not a single mention of the code "LL."

Now I worry about what might happen if the problem recurs when I am away for a few days. Will I come home to find shards of glass and frozen wine in my Vinotemp?


Other user says as follows :---
Just by a fluke, I noticed the temperature indicator was displaying "LL" and opened the door to find the wine freezing! I have looked on line and found 6 other reviews where people had the same problem. Some people have lost all their wine.....we lost $2000 worth of wine with popped corks (which is what happens when your wine freezes). What a mess, and when we called Vinotemp they were of no help. They told us to call Mr. Appliance for repairs, and after 4 calls, all said they never heard of or had never repaired Vinotemp.

Its not that Vinotemo is not a good product.Its a good brand ,but for this LL error code, they have not mentioned any appropriate solution and this frustrates the client ,the buyer of product.
But other proper genuine refrigerator and cooling unit mechanics and techs have got good success and cleared,that this problem in some cases is due to faulty thermostat or problem with control board.
So getting this two parts inspected will definitely help and let you come on some conclusion,about what to repair.

This details will help you.

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