Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Purchasing second hand Chevy Lumina?

Old cars are not bad cars.Every car has certain life.Every car parts works for that much years and then starts showing problems.When the care is old, don't forget to check its main parts.
In this case the car is 1997 Chevrolet Lumina LS.This car is driven 93000 miles.

While buying car don't forget to research its history.Not all but most of the cars have some similar types of problems noticed on its brands.
Like of 1997 Chevy Lumina model.The intake gasket problem was very much noticed.
This problem even continued till 1999 Chevy Lumina car models.
So don't forget to inspect the intake gasket,before buying this car.

To check for if the intake gaskets where changed, bring a flash light and look down under the power steering pump and then the opposite side of the lower intake manifold. First look for oil pooled up in those areas and also look for what color the sealant is in those areas.Usually if its any color other than black then they more than likely have been changed.Of course if there is oil pooled up in those areas then they may need to be changed.Check and make sure the transmission fluid is clean and full and that the transmission shifts good with no slipping.make sure the check engine light is not on.When driving it make sure at all speeds even highway speeds there is no pulling of the car and no noises at any speed.When coming to a stop make sure the brakes do not pulsate either felt in the steering wheel or in the drivers seat.If all that stuff checks out it should be a great car for you.If not negotiate the price or look elsewhere.

Also its said that if there milky way appearance to the underside of oil cap,then this is a sign of faulty intake gasket.
But this is always not sure.
As those caps sit high up in the valve cover regular light moisture can cause a small milky showing.You would be looking for a big amount of milk coloring and also if you put your finger down the oil cap hole you will get a lot on your finger.Look inside that oil cap hole with the flashlight.Just don't flip out if you see a little on the bottom of the oil fill cap.Also make sure the coolant is FULL.If it is low there could be a coolant leak from many area's of the engine which i wouldn't bother with that car if the coolant is very low.Also remove the radiator cap BEFORE they start the engine to see if the coolant is full and also look for any brown sludge in the radiator with your flashlight and tons of that sludge on the bottom of the radiator cap.If you see that the intake gaskets may be leaking or it hasn't ever had the coolant flushed and changed as it should of been by now.

This details will help you.

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