Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fuel pressure and spark is good but ford escort will not start?

Reverse issue.In most of no start problem on car,the fuel pressure is low or spark is the issue.But in this case both major possibility the fuel pressure and spark is good.

The other common possibility on such problem is check engine light on dash.Is there check engine light steady on dash or not.
If yes,then there is definitely error code stored in car computer.The car ECM needs scanning to retrieve error codes.

But in case if there is no check engine light coming on dash,or if there is no error codes stored in cars ECM computer.Then in that case, further troubleshooting is required to confirm the problem.

If you are sure you have good fuel pressure as well as spark and it still dosnt start the next step would be to run a compression test on the engine ,its very likely the timing belt may have jumped and this would cause a not start. If this is the cases you will find low compression on all cylinders.

You need to see at least 100 PSI on each cylinder to start the engine, if it is a lack of fuel,then try spraying starter fluid on throttle body and see if the engine runs or not. If not,then timing belt is the cause of this problem. This engine is a non interference engine and should be fixable. The cost for a new belt runs about 2.7 hours in labor plus about $57 for a new belt.

This details will help.

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