Tuesday, January 3, 2012

4 wheel drive system will not disengage?

This problem is many times noticed on 4X4 wd systems.
In this case the problem is noticed on 1996 GMC Jimmy car model.

Basically problems like 4 wheel drive engages automatically or 4 wd drive engages in 4 wd low while driving and will not disengage.
This problems are noticed.

Mostly in this cases likey the encoder motor is bad.BUT they run the wires back down the firwall to top of transmission back to the transfer case.Many a times those wires do like to cut threw top of the transmission bracket and ground out causing a very similar problem like this.
So properly inspect this wires.
This problem is advisable to be repaired.But for temporary solution,you can shift to 2 wheel drive and carry on,but don't activate or depend on this temporary solution for long time or long drive.
For this you will have to remove the encoder motor off the side of the transfer case and shift the little stalk that comes out of the case with a small adjustable wrench to manualy shift it back into 2HI.

This details will help you.
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