Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bad miss at idle?

The problem noticed on ford vehicle.

First, you need to check for vacuum leaks.If you have a collapsed or broken vacuum hose, this can seriously interfere with the performance of the engine.

If this is not the case, then most likely you have an ignition coil or two bad on the vehicle. If the miss is bad enough to cause it to stall, then likely you're going to have a check engine, or service engine light on and codes stored in the computer.

You can get the computer scanned. If there are no codes then you'll need to have it connected to a ford scanner tool, which will be able to run tests to determine which cylinder(s) are affected.

Another possibility is the idle control valve. This won't necessarily cause any misfires, but it can cause it to die on you when in drive... it's possible you have multiple problems going on.

There's also the possibilities of low fuel pressure, low compression, a blown head gasket.. or a number of other things as well, which is another reason it is critical to get the codes scanned on this.

You can usually get it scanned for free at a retail parts store, such as Autozone or Advance.

Try this procedure mentioned below :----
Start the vehicle up and let it idle, then unplug the electrical connector for one of the coils, and if you notice a difference in idle, then likely that cylinder is good. Turn off the engine, plug it back in, start it up, and unplug the next one (do not plug the coil connector back in with the engine running, as the voltage spike can damage the coil). Once you find one that when unplugged doesn't change anything, then you've got a problem in that cylinder which could be a bad coil, bad coil boot, bad spark plug, low compression, or a bad fuel injector.

This will help.Thanks.

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