Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Keyfob remote not working on 2003 Ford E350 Econoline?

In this case,the first thing to be checked is TRANSCEIVER FUSE.This fuses controls the Keyfob working communication on car.

There are 4 fuses you need to check in the interior fuse panel, they are the F2-35, the F2-3, the F2-32 and the F2-4 fuses. In addition also  check F2-5.

If all fuse check ok try reprogramming the FOB once again with the enclosed factory instructions.

The instructions are as follows :----
General Procedures for programing Ford keyless remotes.
NOTE: All remote keyless entry (RKE) transmitters must be programmed at the same time.
NOTE: Programming of the RKE transmitters can be accomplished using a scan tool or by carrying
out the following steps:
1. The vehicle must be electronically unlocked before entering program mode using the RKE
transmitter, keyless entry keypad (if equipped) or door lock control switch while the driver door
is open.
2. Turn the key from OFF to RUN 8 times within 10 seconds, with the eighth turn ending in RUN.
If the module successfully enters the program mode, it locks and then unlocks all doors.
3. Within 210 seconds, press any button on an RKE transmitter, and the doors lock and then
unload to confirm that each RKE transmitter is programed. Repeat this step for each RKE
4. If the door locks do not respond for any RKE transmitter, wait several seconds and press the
button again. If the door locks still fail to respond, refer to Inspection and Verification in this
section. Make sure that no more than the maximum number (4) of RKE transmitters are
attempting to be programmed.
5. Exiting the programming mode is accomplished if one of the following occurs:
The key transitions to the OFF position.
Twenty seconds have passed since entering programming mode or since the last RKE 
transmitter was programmed.
The maximum number (4) of RKE transmitters have been programmed.

But if this detailed instructions are not helping and all the mentioned fuses are checked absolutely ok.
Then its a faulty Keyfob remote.It has to be replaced.

This details will help.

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