Friday, January 27, 2012

Print quality of hp photo smart printer is not very nice?

Basically,what you see onscreen is under the glass,so it shines.A bit of difference will be there.

But if you get more difference,like colors are not like original or prints are coming with lines in them.
Then try to give prints in best mode.


Because the test printout which you get ,that comes in best mode.And the print which you give from pc to printer are mostly set to normal mode.In that case,select best mode option for print quality and then see,do you get any difference in print quality.

Other possibility for poor quality print out can be,cartridge low on ink,Try with new brand cartridge.
And confirm the issue.

Basically its print quality setting issue or cartridge low on ink issue.

This details will help.

If in future also you need more help on this problem or any other problem
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