Friday, January 27, 2012

squealing at start up on car?

There are few possibilities,that are to be checked.

Fan belt and alternator belt.
The water pump bearings can also  the cause the squeal.

Check the tension of your belts. I had the seen  problem with many cars due to A/C belt . The belt getting loose and cause the squealing.One of my customer had  recently replaced the belts and didn't tighten that one up properly. So anytime he turn the A/C on, the belt would start squealing. After I tightened that belt up, it was perfectly quiet. The squealing while turning is probably a loose power steering pump belt. Tighten that one too and see if that doesn't help.

The squeal noise can be attributed to a dirty/glazed belt, a bad belt tensioner, or both. Quick test to check for a bad belt - spray plain water on the belt with a trigger bottle or similar (sometimes helps to put a couple drops of detergent or dishwashing soap to help lower surface tension effects and "wet" the belt). This can be done prior to starting the car (to test start-up squeal) or while the car is running (to test idle squealing). If the noise goes away - it is likely a bad belt causing you grief. Many of my clients have found that the Goodyear Gatorback serpentine belt replacement to be superior to the OEM Bando belt. Dayco has a similar design of belt, both have toothed ribs instead of continuous ribs to help bite into the pulleys and reduce the tendency to squeal.

Also check around the belt tensioner "shock" to see if it is leaking any fluid. A bad tensioner tends to make a rattling noise than squealing belt, but if the tensioner assembly is leaking oil onto the belt, it could explain the initial squealing to eventually going away when the oil has been wiped off the pulleys/belt surface.

This details will help.

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