Thursday, January 26, 2012

Where to fill the salt on diplomat hotpoint dishwasher?

The salt draw is on the left hand side high up on the inside of the dish washer, with a flip down lid.

ON some Hotpoint models ..........
There is a white plastic circular screw lid in the bottom of the dishwasher washing unit marked salt. Unscrew this and add as much salt as needed so that you can feel it when you put your finger down the hole. This could be quite a bit, perhaps a kilo.

1. Remove the cap.

2. When first using the dishwasher, fill salt container to the brim with water.

3. Fill the salt container to the rim with salt.

4 Replace cap.

On first use
Pour 1 litre of water into the salt dispenser
Fill with salt. Water is being displaced and drains off
Refill with salt just before use, so that any spill will be washed away when the d/w runs.

This will help.

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