Thursday, January 26, 2012

Speedometer runs backward?

Very rare problem,but is noticed on some vehicles.In this particular case my customer noticed the problem on Ford E450 Super Duty, Minnie Winnie motor home.

On that basis the troubleshooting to be tried is as follows :----
First disconnect the battery negative terminal for few minutes then reconnect the terminal properly and see if that is helping or not.This is system reset procedure,In some cases this helps,but if its not helping ,then read as follows :----

On this unit , you cant get the speedo needle to go back , the speedo is bad and has to be replaced, there is no way around this.
Now yo have two options , you can call your local ford dealer and see if they use a local repair shop for there clusters and get the number to the place, give them a call and get a test on a exchange cluster
Then there is also many places on the web that you can send your cluster to, to have repaired or get an exchange unit , like the place below.Check the link for cluster repair services.


Also the speedo is not sold on its own , have to get the whole cluster assembly, should be around $350 , and they take your old one if they give you an exchange unit .

This details will help.Thanks.

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