Monday, January 23, 2012

Battery died and car locked?

If your car battery is died and car is locked,also keys are left inside.Then its very difficult to open the car door.

IF YOU DONT HAVE A KEY FOR THE DOOR , then you have to jimmy the door open , the best way to do this is with a wire hanger, grab a wire hanger from the closet and untwist it.Then make it into a straight line, put a one inch 90 degree bend on one end of the hanger and feed this end down between the drivers door glass and its lower window seal , feed it down about 10 inches to the door latch and work it up and down and at the same time watch the lock rod knob , when you see it wiggle you are in the correct spot.Now work that spot until you can lift up and unlock the door ,, give it a try.Its not easy,it will take time,but will help you get the locked door open in few tries.
Or other option is to get the car door lock drilled from outside,but in that case you will have to get the new door lock,after the door is open.

This details will help.

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