Monday, January 23, 2012

How to replace the speakers on 2011 Ford Edge?

There is a bolt behind the door handle lever to remove the door panel. The "bucket" has to be removed,that is behind the silver door handle lever to get to that bolt.

Basically there should be a cover behind the handle that pops off , and then you can gain access to the bolt behind it ,remove this bolt behind the cover.

Right next to the power mirror switch there is a one by three silver cover , this cover pops off and there is a bolt behind it .
Remove the three screws along the edge of the door panel, the bolt under the power window switches and the one behind the silver cover. That needs to pull up on the door to remove.

For more detailed description with proper diagram,see the details below :-------

Removal and Installation
MKX Vehicles
  1. Remove the front door switch panel.Disconnect the electrical connectors.
Edge Vehicles
  1. Remove the front door inside handle bezel.
All Vehicles
  1. Remove the window control switch.
  1. Remove the 2 front door trim panel bolts.
  1. Remove the 3 front door trim panel screws.
  1. Disengage the bottom of the door trim panel from the door.
    • Pull outward on the trim panel to disengage the push pins and retaining clip from the door.
  1. Lift the top of the door trim panel edge upward and out of the beltline moulding.
  1. Lift the door trim panel up and off of the lock rod.
  1. Remove the front door trim panel.
    • Disconnect the electrical connectors.
    • Remove and discard the push pins.
  1. NOTE: Install new push pins.
    To install, reverse the removal procedure
ItemPart NumberDescription
1-Retaining clip (2 required) (part of 17D743 / 17D742)
217D743 (RH) / 17D742 (LH)Sail panel
323942 (RH) / 23943 (LH)Front door trim panel
414528 (RH)/ 14527 (LH)Front door switch panel (MKX vehicles)
4226A38 (RH) / 226A39 (LH)Front door inside handle bezel (Edge vehicles)
5W708268Front door trim panel bolt
614528 (RH) / 14527 (LH)Front door window control switch bezel
7W708412Front door trim panel screw
8W708268Front door trim panel bolt
9W708412Front door trim panel screw (2 required)
11W711513Push pin (2 required)
12W711521Push pin (3 required)


As you can clearly see there is door panel clips on the door , so start at the bottom and pry the door panel off.

This details will help you.
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