Monday, January 16, 2012

VSC light comes on and zero calibration?

This problem is noticed on 2004 Toyota 4Runner.
Zero calibration usually is the number one fault. 
You need to retrieve the codes from the vehicle skid control system?
This has to be done by Obd scan tool.

In this case error code 39 was retrieved.

But in other cases the code can differ.
To retrieve codes manually without scan tool,try the following procedure.
You use a jumper wire in the diagnostic check connector link under the driver side of the instrument panel. Once the jumper wires installed turn the key to the on position and monitor the ABS and VSC light it will flash a series of codes. For example a code 12 will flash one time a slight pause then two flashes.You can use any type of small wire even a small paperclip just do not jam it into the female pins of the check connector.

As per code 39 details.The code 39 is one of two things and the only way to determine would be to have the communications code which starts out with a letter designator C then a four digit number and can only be retrieved with a scan tool that will interface with the traction control system.Code 39 is either foreign material on the left rear wheel speed sensor or zero point calibration is undone for the YAW rate sensor and deceleration sensor. If nothing was done to the rear wheels or brake system it's unlikely that for material is on the sensor. The zero point calibration has been undone and needs re calibrated. This is virtually impossible to do without a scan tool.So get it scanned with OBD scan tool,if you don't get proper error code retrieved by manual system.

The scan tool is the easiest and quickest way. Most Toyota dealers will charge about one hour labor to reset the system. They can also confirm whether or not the communications code is correct and not debris on the sensor.

This details will help.Thanks.

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