Friday, January 6, 2012

No power to Courtesy Lights and sunroof?

Many car model brands notice this types of problem.
In this case the problem is noticed on
Chevrolet Tahoe LS.
There are many possibilities for this types of problem.
But if there is no power and both courtesy lights and sunroof not working then.First check the fuse controlling this parts.
Check the CRSY LP fuse in the left dash fuse block is the fuse for the sunroof and the lights.Its a 15 Amp fuse.
If this fuse is blown out,then replacing this fuse will help.
But if you replace the fuse and it immediately blows out then you need to look for wiring chaffed in the roof or up the A pillar. Its the pannel that is inside the truck on the left side of dash.
On some car models the same fuse is located in Under-hood fuse panel,instead of dash panel fuse box.So if you don't see any CRSY LP fuse in dash panel fuse box,then look in to under hood fuse panel.

On some car models the fuse is labelled as CTSY LP fuse.

This details will help you.


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