Saturday, January 14, 2012

how to bypass immobiliser on Rover 200?

Not an easy option as alarm is built in to car 

Disconnect negative terminal of battery and remove the fuses for the alarm.Then remove the positive terminal of battery.Wait for 10 seconds then reconnect the fuses, and the reconnect the negavive on the battery but not the positive.
Turn  ignition ON, in this state and hold it there for 5 seconds, turn it off and remove the key, shut the driver door (with you on the out side).Now reconnect the battery (the alarm might sound but it is normal).
Then insert  the ignition key in the driver door and lock /unlock it 5 times quickly with the fob (if you dont know what button it is on the fob it is the right one) lock it once more with the key and if it worked when you unlock it with the fob it will stop (the alarm) and you can start the car, this shall dissarm the imobiliser untill you lock the car with the fob. This is garanteed to work but if you have a problem then you can isolate immobilisor but it means having it reprogrammed.
There is a way of disabling the Rover alarm altogether. You will need to get a four digit pin from a Rover dealer (they normally charge about £10 for this) and you need your log book and proof of ID and ownership. You then enter this pin by turning the key in the drivers door lock (full instructions available on request).

This details will help.

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