Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cost to replace ignition coil?

Normally whenever an ignition coil fails it will trigger a malfunction code in the engine control computer this will be a P0301 through P0306. Here in the USA most auto-parts stores do free engine code reads. However if you have a cylinder misfire this can create problems with the catalytic converter is driven too long with a total cylinder misfire. If you can call the repair shop and find out how many coils they are replacing that can help justify some of the cost. However typically they don't all fail at one time you may get one or two and that is it.
Basically it depends on how many coils are to be replaced.
Ignition coil that fires the spark plug typically runs about $150 Max that is US dollars.If this is simply an ignition coil malfunction and there's no mechanical damage it should cost $150 for parts and additional for labor as per your area garage mechanic rates.

The bank one ignition coil that failed which would be under the intake manifold.
The ignition coil full retail price is about $203 just for the one ignition coil. Now if you're planning on replacing all six coils that would put you at $1200 retail in parts then it will take 3 to 4 hours labor at $100 an hour then conceivably you could be approx $1700. However if you only have one ignition coil bad and you do not need to remove the intake manifold to change it you should only be looking at about a $400 repair Max.

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