Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chevrolet silverado has whining sound in gear?

This problem was noticed on Chevy silverado with manual transmission.This is a floor shifter 4WD lever in it.

If you hear this noise from the transfer case and rear of the transmission area the first thing that needs to be done is make sure BOTH are full of fluid.Low fluid can cause this noise.
If the fluids are full then drain both and see if any metallic flakes or chunks come out of the fluid, if so which ever had the metal in it has an internal problem.If both fluids drain out pretty clean fill them back up with the correct lubes and drive and see if the noise went away.
If its still there run it up in the air and listen with a stethoscope to those areas and where ever you hear it loudest has some internal problems and would need to be replaced.Also just make sure the rear end gear is not the source of the noise when you are running it up in the air duplicating the noise.
This can also be possible.
Inspecting this possibilities will help you.

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