Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Car will not turn the ignition to start?

Very common issues,noticed many a times.Most of the car brands models face this problem.
In this particular case,my customer noticed the problem on 2011 Ford Pick Up.

After inserting the key in ignition,the electric seats will power on,but the car will not start.

On the basic of this problem.First try this basic test troubleshooting to confirm the issue.
The details for testing are as follows :----
Turn the steering wheel,wiggle the steering wheel,try with another key if you have one more key.
And see.

Make sure the key works in the drivers door and can unlock and lock the door,just to make sure you have the correct key.
If that's ok,, then make sure the shifter is all the way in park, lift up or push the shifter into park and see if the key will turn.
If that does not work , ...........
then put one hand on the key and try to turn it and use the other hand on the steering wheel and turn the steering wheel back and forth about one inch both ways and try to turn the key at the same time.

And see if any of this troubleshooting helps.

But if nothing of the above mentholated tricks are helping to start the car,then the key tumbler may be bad,, sometimes if you put the key in the tumbler and use a hammer on the top of the key and just tap it a little ,, and at the same time try to turn it , this will bounce the tumblers around and it will brake free and it will turn ,,, if it works,, then dont turn the key all the way off again ,, it may stick again ,, get it to a dealer to have the tumbler replaced,,
Give it a try ,, may take 5 min of tapping and turning ,,, so give it a little time.
In some cases this trick works out first time directly,but in some cases you have to try it few more times to make it work.

This details will help you to make it work.

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