Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2006 Ford Expedition radio not powering ON?

In this cases the radio wiring needs to be inspected.

Go through the details mentioned below :------

Fuse number 7 is a power input to the radio when in crank mode to turn the radio off, it goes to the radio on the red/black wire.
The constant hot wire to the radio is light green/violet wire , to the radio , it should have power all the time,if it does not then check fuse 31.
Fuse 22 is the switch on , or power with the key on input to the radio , it goes to the radio on the pink wire.
Illumination is on the light blue /red wire.

Please Note :---
Fuse number 7 only has power when your cranking the engine over, so there should not be power on this fuse any other time.

This details will help.

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