Monday, February 20, 2012

Theft indicator not letting car to start?

Security system causes such problems many a times.Some times normal reset helps,but in some cases the system has to reset by dealer.

First try this procedure:----
Let the car sit off for 10 - 15 minutes, then try to start it. Check the owners manual if you have it. Sometimes, on various cars letting them sit awhile will allow the system to reset itself. On others sometimes rapidly turning the key from off to on, without turning to start 3 to 8 times within 10 seconds and then on the last turn to the on position leave it there until the horn chirps, at that point turn the key directly to start, or turn off first and turn to start. If all this fails, a GM dealer can reset the system.

One more procedure you can try:---
Insert  key in ignition and turn all the way as to start the car, but without actually starting it(security light will be flashing). Leave it on for ten minutes until the security light becomes solid, now turn off and start the car.
And see if it starts or not.If not,then the problem is the ignition lock cylinders are worn out and makes the car think that it's being stolen. The dealer needs to replace the ignition switch and re-key the cylinder. It's expensive too. Basic cost $750 to repair.

This details will help.

Car not starting or turning over indicates towards multiple possibilities. It can be issue with battery or weak battery. But if battery checks out ok, then it can be starter issue or faulty alternator or problem with low fuel pressure or no spark at spark plugs due to dirty spark plugs or faulty ignition coil or injectors getting cracked or dirty and needs to be cleaned.
To confirm the problem, the basic troubleshooting is required.

Click this link below and follow the troubleshooting:------

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