Saturday, February 18, 2012

2002 nissan sentra will not go out of park mode?

The Nissan stuck in park mode or takes long time to come out of park mode.Then is transmission related issue.

Basically in this cases the transmission has to be inspected.It can be done at proper transmission repair service shop or at Nissan dealership.

But before that first inspect that transmission fluid level is not low or the fluid is not leaking.
Also try shifting between the different gears in order to coax the transmission to engage with the gear box.

Try and confirm this following things are not causing the problem.
Inspect the parking brakes.Are the engaged or released.Sometimes it's easy to forget that your emergency brake is on.

In this conditions when you press the gas pedal,you will notice a gentle push pull,the vehicle gets a jerk or bump.
If your transmission fluid is not replaced regularly on time as per its service maintenance required,then this can also cause the problem.
To see  exact fluid level in your Nissan. Turn on the car and allow it to warm up for few minutes.Then remove the transmission dipstick and see the fluid level mark on dipstick.This will help you to know,how much fluid is there.

But if the fluid level is checked ok and its not leaking and parking brake is not left ON.Then the clutch needs to be inspected.To confirm this press the clutch and see if it remains on the floor or comes up.If it remains on the floor even after you release the clutch pedal,then its clutch problem, the release bearing or clutch fork is broken or got very old causing the problem.
Or its the issue of air in the hydraulic system.If the air is not bleeding out then this can cause the problem.
Other possibilities can be issue with clutch disc,pressure plate and shift lever assembly.

This has to be inspected.

This details will help.

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