Monday, February 13, 2012

Where is glow plug module located on 2005 Ford f350?

The glow plug relay is located on the passenger side front end of the valve cover. Below is a picture of the glow plug module.

These modules are well known for failing. But they will usually turn on the check engine light and have trouble codes.

This symptoms are basically noticed.

Starts hard cold with a lot of smoke and stalls several times before it stays running?

In some cases its faulty FICM.

A failed glow plug module. In each connector, you will need to check the ohms, not voltage. In the connector, it goes to the glowplugs, not power. If you check pins 1, 2, 6, and 7 in each connector, you should have around .5 to 2.5 ohms of resistance. The problem I was describing was a failing FICM (fuel injection control module) This is even more common than the glow plug controller for failing. After it gets hot it smooths out and runs fine. Before you spend $300 for a glow plug controller, I would recommend having the codes read. If you have several codes for injector circuits, the FICM is failing. The FICM will have to be replaced by the dealer, as it has to be programmed after it is installed.

FICM will need to be programmed to YOUR vehicle using the data from the existing FICM. The glow plug controller does not need to be programmed. FICM's are on backorder right now.

If you want to bring your own FICM, do the repairing tech a favor and let him install it, or you will likely get billed twice for the labour, because if you install it, he has to take it off to inhale the module data from your existing module, to program your new one with it.

Its seen that in many cases  glow plug modules trigger FICM codes. Perhaps replace the glow plug controller FIRST, then see if the FICM codes return, if that's what they are basing the FICM replacement diagnosis on.

Glow plugs are under the valve cover, relay is mounted to the left front area of the engine, looking at it from in front of the truck.

If it is working, it will click when the key is first turned, so have someone turn the key, with the door shut, to avoid the ding ding, and listen for a click. That is the glow plug relay.

Also if you need to repair your faulty FICM,then please follow the instructions mentioned in the link detail below :----

How to repair FICM on 2005 Ford f350?

This will help.