Thursday, February 16, 2012

Dodge manual transmission will not go in reverse gear?

Common problem faced on both manual tranny as well as on the auto transmission engines too.

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The most common cause of these not going into reverse is worn shifter cable bushings, most commonly at the transmission end. This is the best place to start. Open the hood and find where the two shift cables attach to the arms on the top of the transmission. The ends of the cables are round, and they should snap down firmly to the studs on the arms with no play. If you see any gap between the cables and the studs it's because the bushings are worn. You can also have a helper inside move the shifter in both directions while watching for play at these bushings.

If you find the bushings are worn there are two ways of fixing it. To use factory parts you would have to replace the shift cables themselves because the bushings aren't available separately. You can buy bushing kits for these in the aftermarket, just replacing the bushings and not the cables.The bushing kits are very inexpensive.

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