Sunday, February 19, 2012

How to replace freeze plug on GMC Sierra?

The freeze Expansion plug.
This plug sits behind the power steering pump.

To remove this plug,take the 4 bolts out of the compressor, just take the compressor and rotate over to the passenger side of engine with the hoses still attached. Leave the p/s pump bolted to the aluminum bracket. Looking at the front of the big alum. braket, there are three long bolts, and one nut. Remove the bolts and the one nut. Now there is one 15 mm nut for the p/s pump bracket that is threaded to the bottom of engine lift hook. Take this nut off. Now just lay the entire bracket with the pump attach to the side. Then you should be able to remove freeze plug.
For more help.see the diagram shown below :---
Please Note:--- No need to remove power pulley off. The pump will come off with the bracket.

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