Thursday, February 16, 2012

Key Fob will not lock and unlock doors?

This problem is noticed on Ford Vehicle.

The key fob suddenly stopped operating for doors.It will not open or close the vehicles doors.

In this case on ford vehicle,the troubleshooting details are as follows :-----

First of all replace the battery in the keyfob.There is a battery in keyfob,if the battery goes weak or dead the keyfob will get completely inoperative or go weak.

So replace the battery in the Key fob and see if its working or not.
But if you replace the battery and still the same problem noticed on key fob,then it sounds like the battery has gone flat and the fob needs to be re-synced to the car.

To do this:

Turn the ignition switch from position I to position II four times exactly within six seconds.

Turn the ignition switch to position 0.

An audible chime will be heard (only in vehicles built before 2008 model year) to indicate that it is now possible to programme the keys for ten seconds.

Press and hold one of the buttons on the remote transmitter until a chime sounds. This indicates a new transmitter code has been successfully received.

This can sometimes take more than one attempt. So try it a few times if it dosent work.

If this continous to not work then you will need to have the output of the key fob checked. This can be done by any ford dealer and they will check that the fob is actually outputting a signal for the car to recieve.

If the fob is ok then we are looking at a reciever failure at the GEM (generic electronic module). This module controls all the anciallary electronics on your vehicle. If the reciever fails to pick up the signal then the locking will not operate.

Sometimes all that is needed is a module reset, this can be done by discionnecting the vehiccle battery for 5-10mins then trying again with the key fob coding procedure.

This details will help you thanks.

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