Friday, February 10, 2012

How to replace heater core on Mitsubishi magna?

The details to replace heater core on mitsubishi Magna or Diamante is as follows.

Normal time to replace the heater core is between 7.5-8.5 hours in labor depending on the labor guide used. At $100-120 an hour averages, this will easily get you into the $1000 range.

This repair is outside the scope of the do it yourselfer, as it requires removal of the HVAC/air handler box, which requires discharge of the AC refrigerant using an appropriate R134a recovery machine.
To get to the heater core and the HVAC box, everything forward of the seats needs to be removed from the car.... from the A pillars to the center console, dashboard, electronics, steering column, etc. Once all of the interior components are removed, the crash bar can be taken out of the vehicle and finally the HVAC box once the coolant and refrigerant are removed from it.

It is very important to make sure that the heater core is in fact leaking. This is a VERY commonly misdiagnosed part on this vehicle. The heater core pipes have two rubber seals that attach to the adapter pipes that go through the firewall and these seals are extremely common to leak and be diagnosed as a heater core. The difference will save you quite a bit in parts (the seals are only about $9), and for someone familiar with the repair, it can shave a good 3 hours off the labor as you are able to sneak the seals in without discharging the AC and without having to remove the HVAC box.

Verifying that it is only the seals requires partial disassembly or some very tricky work with a small mirror, however it is important to do this to save the added cost of the unnecessary heater core and labor savings.
For what it is worth, I have been working on Mitsubishis for years and have not seen a Magna/Diamante heater core that was actually failed, they have always been the oring seals on the adapter pipes attached to the heater cores.

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