Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nissan Sentra stuck in park?

This problem is noticed on many car models.in this particular case the problem is noticed on 2007 nissan Sentra car model.
The car is stuck in park mode and will not shift to any other gears.

As per this problem,the troubleshooting is as follows :----

Press the brake pedal and see,do the brake lights come ON,when brake pedal is depressed with car turned ON.
If brake lights are not coming on,then issue is with brake light switch,replace it to solve the problem.

But if brake lights come ON,when brake pedal is depressed then,the problem is likely the park position switch inside the shifter. It may be out of sync. There is a manual overide button for the shifter, you can try to push that and see if it will then shift out of park.
Here is a diagram of it's location.
Take it out of park, then put it back in and hopefully everything will return to normal. At the very least you can get the car out of park and drive it.


But if the same problem returns again then transmission inspection is required.Including shifter assembly and clutch components.

This will help.

See below the recommended help solution :-----

2002 Nissan sentra will not go out of park mode?