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How to replace Adjustable Camshaft timing solenoid on Mercedes Benz?

You can find the solenoid on the front of the head. If it is still an OEM part, it looks like the bottom of a black cup. It will be a gold color if it's been replaced in the past. It will have one plug in it with two wires coming out of it. You have to buy Mercedes black sealant when reinstalling the new one.

The code p1533 for the left side camshaft timing solenoid electric fault.

Its a common problem and you need to replace the left side solenoid.

In front of each inlet camshaft at camshaft adjuster

Operating the adjustment of the inlet camshaft through the positioning plunger in the camshaft adjuster when engine running

The adjustable camshaft timing solenoid is actuated in line with the map directly by the ME-SFI control module with a D.C. voltage (not pulsed).


1 M616 bolt
3 M511 collar bolt
4 Armature
6 M201.5 nut waf 30
7 Front cover on cylinder head
12 Cover
13 Camshaft gear
14 Positioning plunger
14a Conical spring
15 M713.3 collar bolt
16 Flange shaft
17 Compression spring
18 Control plunger
19 181 circlip
20 End cover
21 Straight pin in camshaft
22 Inlet camshaft
Y49 left Adjustable camshaft timing solenoid

Removal/Installation (Armature and Solenoid)


Unbolt solenoid (Y49), bolt on.
Coat solenoid (Y49) sealing surface with sealant 002 989 47 20 10.
Tighten M6 x 16 bolts (1).
Remove front upper front cover, install, refer to Replacement. See: Engine, Cooling and Exhaust\Engine\Timing Cover\Service and Repair
Unscrew armature (4) with M5 x 11 bolt (3), screw on. Counter-hold armature (4) at flats (arrow) for this step

See table below for tightening torque
Armature (4) can be fitted onto control plunger (18) only in fixed position (arrow).

CAUTION: It is not permitted to re-use the bolt (3).

NOTE: The armature (4) together with the control plunger (18) must move freely from stop to stop after the nut (6) has been tightened to the specified torque of 65 Nm. 

CAUTION: For operational reasons, the different versions of the armature (4) and of the solenoid (2) must only be installed in the specified combination (see table below for matching).

Matching Armature And Solenoid
Tightening Torque Table
  • Bolt of armature to control plunger 1st version 1) bolt + washer: 7 Nm
2nd version 2) collar bolt: 5 Nm + Tightening angle 90°
  • Bolts of solenoid to front cover: 10 Nm
1) Replace with 2nd version when performing repairs
2) Use only once.

There are only three allen bolts that hold each solenoid to the front of the timing chain cover (up on the heads).
Internally, the solenoid is not connected to anything... remove the three bolts and it comes right off. 

This details will help.

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