Monday, February 20, 2012

What happens if Toyota Vehicle timing chain is not replaced?

The query is asked by the customer.
In this case the vehicle is Toyota Sequoia 4.7.While taking the vehicle to the dealer for regular maintenance,the dealer told the client to get the timing chain replaced.
Because the car has run more then 90,000 miles with same timing chain.

But the client is getting confused,for why to replace the timing chain,when all is running fine until now.

On that basis,the details are as follows :----

First of all if  this engine is a 4.7 L then it does not use the timing chain it uses a timing belt. The factory recommends that it gets replaced at 90,000 miles. Here's the problem. If this belt breaks you're looking at major engine failure. This is an interference engine which means if the timing belt breaks it will destroy the cylinders and valve train. This being said the timing belt on this engine generally can do 100,000 miles with no trouble. Once you break over 90,000 miles and start pushing 100 to 110,000 miles you are on borrowed time. You will need to decide when you can afford to have this done. Typically most dealerships charge about six hours in labor plus the belt. So if the condition of the timing belt is stretched and near to break,then i suggest get it replaced.But if the belt still looks fine,then get it replaced in some time.But don't ignore timing belt replacing.

Below is the master help link provided to go through belt routing diagram:---Timing belt, drive belt, serpentine belt, accessory belt, fan belt, engine belt routing diagrams for all types of car models?

Check the link below: ----

This will help. Thanks.