Monday, February 20, 2012

No heat,blower blows only cold?

Very common issue,noticed by many car models.

The heat is generated by a radiator located in your dash using engine coolant. You don't have heat because the valve that is controlling the coolant flow is closed - either it or the commands that is controlling it are broken - Inspect both of them to confirm.

For more help,i will say.......
The valve is located on the tube that brings the coolant from the engine - depending on your engine model it's located very close to the firewall (the big piece of steel that separates from the engine) either in the engine bay or behind the protection grill.
The commands elements - when you turn the heat button on the dash, it is pulling on a cable which is pulling on a lever attached to the shaft of the valve. So most likely part that has failed here is the button (made from plastic) , followed by the lever and finally the cable (corrosion) .
This is how its routed and it works.

This details will help.

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