Monday, February 13, 2012

How to replace fuel filter on 2000 holden VT Commodore?

Many Holden car users faced the same problem while replacing the fuel filter.
But its not that hard.Its a procedure.
A one of the few tricks will solve your issue.

The clips themselves can be tough/hard to get off but if you push them together and forward that should do the trick.
There is a special tool to remove them easily, the tool is Approx $15 and it slides over the clips and they separate. At Burson's they sell this tool. Its  the red and blue clip remover tools. 

But if you don't want to invest the tool,then Just use a precision screwdriver and push the clips bit forward and it will release. 

What i say is just push the clips together, you will notice a little bit of plastic on it that is bulged-up, or ribbed, push the plugs hard together, with your fingers, squeeze the plug and the ribbed bit tite, and then give it a pull and it should just come apart.You have to squeeze the plug tight the whole time. If it doesnt work, keep trying, as it will release the filter.

The trick is to push the whole clip against the fuel filter body first then the clips have more room to move. Than you just slide the clip off. 

Under the back of your fuel tank follow your line you wont go far and you'll find it just near your suspension.Get 2 sets of multi grips and cut off the fuel supply at both sides of the fuel filter. Release the strap and pull the filter out one side at a time. Replace with new one and strap up again.

The complete procedure is as follows :----
First release the fuel pressure by removing the fuel pump relay then starting car till it won.t run any more.
For this procedure you can get a kit from repco or supercheap to help you remove the fuel lines from filter.
If you buy the new filter from holden then you get a new plastic bracket that holds the filter to the under body.
But if you buy aftermarket kit unit then you don't get this bracket so don't damage bracket. 

For better results,blow the little connectors out with compressed air to remove any build up of dirt and work the clips back and forward, also when putting filter back on put a drop of engine oil on each end of the filter this aids in the correct seating of the locking tabs. DO NOT USE MULTI GRIPS ONTHE LINES AS THEY ARE PLASTIC AND THEY MIGHT SPLIT. 
Dont forget to  relieve the pressure or they will not come off.

This procedure and details will help.


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