Sunday, February 19, 2012

Antifreeze leaking from front of engine near Air intake?

The problem noticed on ford f-150.
This problem is very much noticed on other car brand models too.

Basically in this cases the overheating will be noticed or gauges will show the car is overheating.

And for the leak issue near the air intake,it can be from the hose,the is cracked and causing the leak.Or the leak is from the hole near the air intake.
There are basically two holes.

There are two holes.A top and bottom one.
In many other cases too,the leak was noticed from the hole.
Please see the diagram shown below to see the exact location of hole and leak.

it could be the water pump weep hole, shown in the picture below.

The weep hole is shown in the bottom picture of the three different angles. A leak from that hole means the seal in the water pump is leaking, and the water pump must be replaced.

Also, you may have a leak in the throttle body. There are two small coolant hoses that connect to metal tubes on the throttle body. The tubes are visible on the bottom part in the picture below.

The engine picture below shows one of the small coolant tubes and how it tees off the heater hose and takes coolant up to the throttle body.

This will help.

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