Thursday, February 9, 2012

dodge neon gauges not working?

Its probably  speed sensor problem,that is located on the transmission.
But instead of directly replacing the speed sensor.Its advisable to to have it scanned first though to verify that's it.
Also another possibility can be  back of the dash causing some problems with it,older neon's had that problem,usually a speed sensor wont fix the problem every time.So  check the back of the dash for a cracked circuit first,if it doesn't give any trouble codes from having it scanned.This will help.
Also try the reset procedure.
Unplug the battery for 10 minutes.Then reconnect the battery.Turn on the car and see if gauges starts working,while you drive.
But if that is not helping.Then,
You'll have to check the bus voltages while the problem is happening and disconnect modules one at a time to see if the voltage comes back to normal. It could be a problem with a module or wiring, it may be a failed instrument cluster.

Getting it scanned is the best option.

This will help.

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