Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Steering service light ON GMC Sierra Denali?

To start with diagnosis a scan of the system should be done to verify the fault.
Basically in this types of cases the problem is faulty steering wheel sensor & costs around 300.00 parts & labor.

Concern of a service 4 wheel steer message and DTC C0455. The steering wheel
position sensor uses G203 as its ground. G203 is a body ground at the left side
of the i/p, near the A-pillar, below the I/P top cover. The body of the vehicle
is grounded back to the engine/battery through a braided ground strap. The
ground strap attaches to the cowl at G107 and the other end is attached to the
left rear of the engine block at G104.

This details will help.
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