Monday, February 13, 2012

LG Slide Handset & Mobile LG GU 0220 Problem?

Yes many a times this is noticed.A message is deleted but it still shows ,1 message is pending.

Some times only 1 message is sent,but it shows 2 message in inbox.
This is noticed because the message sent is quite bigger.So it reaches the mobile phone in 2 parts.

But sometimes this problem is due to faulty mobile settings.In some cases complete reset is required.
Or cell has to be set on factory default setting.

If you need out Techno experts to provide you more help on this issue.Then please provide the exact mobile detail.How old it is.
Whats the serial number of it and give your present email id,where our Expert can update you for your problems solution.

This will help.

Every question has an answer?