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How to replace Rear Timing Belt Cover on Dodge Neon?

Rear timing belt cover.Open this cover to inspect the timing belt condition.
Timing Belt Rear Cover removing and installation procedure is as follows :-----

Removal & Installation

  1. Remove front timing belt cover: Refer to Timing Belt Front Cover procedure in this section.
  2. Remove timing belt . Refer to Timing Belt and Sprockets procedure in this section.
  3. Remove timing belt tensioner/bracket assembly.
  4. Hold camshaft sprocket with Special Tools C-4687 and modified Adaptor C-4687-1, while removing attaching bolt.
  5. Remove camshaft sprocket.
  6. Remove rear cover attaching bolts.
  7. Remove rear cover

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    Fig. Rear timing belt cover and bolts (1)
    Rear timing belt cover and bolts (1)
To Install:
  1. Install rear cover and tighten bolts to 105 inch lbs. (12 Nm).
  2. Install the camshaft sprocket on the camshaft.
    DO NOT use an impact wrench (or any other air operated tool) for tightening the camshaft sprocket bolt. Damage to the camshaft timing pin can result. ONLY use a hand wrench while holding camshaft sprocket with Special Tool.
  3. Install camshaft sprocket retaining bolt. While holding sprocket with Special Tools C-4687 and modified Adaptor C-4687-1, tighten attaching bolt to 85 ft. lbs. (115 Nm).
  4. Install timing belt tensioner/bracket assembly.
  5. Install timing belt: Refer to Timing Belt and Sprockets procedure in this section..
  6. Install front timing belt cover.

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