Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hummers headlights flashes while start?

Try touching the remote to your chin when you activate it. Works for me.

Basically its mentioned in the  H2 &H3owners manual . The remote starter probably only tries to flash your parking lights. The way the H2 &H3 is set up, at night the lights (parking and headlights) come on automatically, but when the remote starter manually switches on the parking lights, the headlights turn off. You can do this yourself by turning the headlamp switch in the truck to "parking lights mode" and the little green "Auto" indicator next to the switch turns off. With the remote starter, you basically see this little light blinking in with  headlights. So I don't think there is a way to disable the blinking headlights.Its like a system of H2 &H3 car models.

This details will help.

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