Thursday, February 16, 2012

Key wont turn in the ignition on Toyota land cruiser?

Did you make sure that the steering wheel is not pushed up against the lock mechanism? Physically manhandle the steering wheel left and right as you try and wiggle the key to turn it. Have you done this? Do you have any other keys?

Before you try any of the three measures below which will require replacement of the lock cylinder get some WD-40 and spray down into the lock cylinder then use a light hammer and tap on the lock cylinder and used compressed air like you use to clean a computer keyboard and blow down into the lock cylinder to try and free up the debris that is causing the tumblers to not turn. Repeat this process then run the key in and out and see if you can get the tumblers to move freely.

But if that is not helping or you have already tried this wd-40 spray trick then ignition tumbler has to be replaced.

In order to remove the lock cylinder from the aluminum housing that bolts to the steering column the ignition cylinder has to be turned to the accessory position. This allows the small 1\8 inch pin to be pushed into the lock cylinder so the lock cylinder can be removed. 

If you have the steering column cover apart follow down about two an half inches from the end of the lock cylinder in the aluminum housing on the bottom side of the housing and you will see the small hole with the pin. 

This is not very easy,but can be done.
Unfortunately at this point your options are very limited. 
There are 3 possible ways of getting the lock cylinder out without too much damage to the steering column or collar. 

1) First is to drill the lock cylinder itself which is the most complicated and the hardest. 
2) The second is to try and drill the little 1\8 inch steel pin and then drive the pin into the lock cylinder. 

3) And the third option is to carefully drive a large blade screwdriver into the lock cylinder where the key goes in. You need a flat blade screwdriver with a square shank. When driving a screwdriver into the lock cylinder don't whack the screwdriver so hard that you damage the collar on the column use a little common sense. Use a wrench on the square shank and force the lock cylinder to the accessory position ACC. When in the accessory position use a punch and push the lock pin up in to the lock cylinder and remove the lock cylinder. 

Any of these three options are going to destroy the lock cylinder but you need to be careful that you do not damage the collar. Once the lock cylinder is removed you can replace it with a new lock cylinder. 

In the meantime if you use a pair of long needle nose pliers go down into the collar and you can turn the tab to start the truck. 

But if this procedures are not possible for you,then professional car repair tech or dealer service center is advisable to complete this job.

They have all required and proper tools to complete this job.

This details will help.

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