Monday, February 13, 2012

Ford Windstar transmission fluid leaking?

Look into the transmission fluid cooler inside the radiator..make sure its ok.
May have to add an additional external transmission fluid cooler .

Also one more possibility is faulty worn out torque converter seal.

If the seal goes out a gain then it probably needs a transmission overhaul.

Also Ford Windstar will  leak transmission fluid if the radiator is bad.Yes, it could leak it into the coolant if the radiator is bad. It usually doesn't cause a leak on the ground though unless the lines are broken or something outside the radiator.

If the torque converter seal is faulty,then to replace the front seal,the trans has to come out.

You will need to pull the transmission in order to change it out. The trans has to come out from the bottom.
Below are trans removal directions. Once removed, use seal puller to remove seal and install new front seal:

Remove or disconnect the following:
NOTE Leave the 2 lower engine-to-transaxle bolts in place to hold the transaxle secure against the engine block until a suitable jack can be placed under the transaxle to support it during removal.

NOTE Install engine lifting eyes to support the engine during transaxle removal.

Battery and battery tray Hood and cowl vent Air cleaner assembly All transaxle electrical harnesses Transaxle shift cable from the lever by unsnapping the shift cable end from the lever ball stud Transaxle fluid cooler lines

Upper transaxle-to-engine bolts Engine electrical harness bracket Battery cable bracket

Install an engine support kit and suitably support the engine.
Raise and support the vehicle.
Remove or disconnect the following:

Transaxle fluid Front wheels Halfshafts Bolts retaining the rear engine support to the transaxle Front subframe Speedometer cable from the vehicle speed sensor Starter Transaxle housing cover The 4 flexplate-to-converter nuts

Support the transaxle with a suitable jack and remove the remaining transaxle-to-engine bolts.
Remove the engine bracket-to-transaxle bolts.
Separate the transaxle from the engine block by carefully moving the transaxle rearward until enough clearance exists to remove the transaxle from the engine compartment.
Slowly lower the transaxle from the engine compartment.

To install:
Place the transaxle on a suitable jack and position it in place.
Install or connect the following:

Engine bracket-to-transaxle bolts, and tighten the bolts to 39-53 ft. lbs. (53-72 Nm) Lower transaxle-to-engine bolts, and tighten the bolts to 39-53 ft. lbs. (53-72 Nm) Flexplate-to-torque converter bolts, and tighten them to 20-34 ft. lbs. (27-46 Nm) Transaxle housing cover, and tighten the bolts to 80-106 inch lbs. (9-12 Nm) Starter motor, and connect the electrical harness Speedometer cable Front subframe The 4 bolts retaining the rear engine support, and tighten them to 39-53 ft. lbs. (53-72 Nm) Both halfshafts Front wheels and lower the vehicle

Remove the engine support kit.
Install or connect the following:

Transaxle electrical harnesses Upper transaxle-to-engine bolts and tighten to 39-53 ft. lbs. (53-72 Nm) Fluid cooler-to-transaxle lines Transaxle shift cable to the manual lever ball stud Air cleaner assembly Cowl vent and hood Battery tray and battery

Fill the transaxle with proper amount of Mercon fluid.
Connect the positive, then the negative battery cable.

This details will help.

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